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Holden Voice

Want to know what kills me? Phonies kill me New York is so full of em it kills me that’s what. Went out to the bar had to keep my guts from spilling out cuz some phony plugged me. Meet up with that Sally and she was looking good told her I loved her I really don’t.  Kept having to go to the washroom to get my guts back in. I’m crazy I swear I am really. All these fancy business men out talking about what to do next with their wonderful lives just to go back and sit in a chair all day no life I tell you. I will move out of this city someday I tell you, go out to the country and find me a nice spot in the woods where I don’t have to talk to all these phonies. I will leave tonight actually get out of this crazy place I’ll say bye to old Phoebe she’s gold you would love her if you meet her. I was trying to save her money I really was I would return it tonight.


Spring break? Travel blogs help you pack your bags.

The Blog

In the northern hemisphere, spring is just around the corner — that time when a young blogger succumbs to wanderlust.

If you’re planning a spring break or just want to travel vicariously, blogs can help you pick a destination, plan your itinerary, and even help you choose a book or two to pass the time on the plane (or train, or bus, or boat). Here are a few of our faves:

Ellis Goes on Holiday

Ellis Goes on Holiday is a one-stop shop for all your budget globetrotting needs. This young Brit caught the travel bug young and has been making his way around the world ever since. Need to find the best burger in New Zealand? Scope out hotels in Singapore? Figure out how to break the ice with your hostel-mates? Check, check, and mate.

ellis goes on holiday

Ellis Goes on Holiday covers every place from Laos to Morocco to…

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Perennial Faves: How to Think Up Good Comments

The Daily Post

Lots of commenters on Tuesday’s post mentioned how challenging it can be to write substantive comments. Here’s a great piece from last year to give you a commenting boost.

Here on The Daily Post, we’re always advising you to build blog relationships by leaving substantive comments on other people’s posts. That’s easy enough to say, but how do you think of more to say than “Great post!” when all you can think to say is, well, “Great post!”

I often have trouble coming up with things to say — both in blog commenting sections and at parties. Here are some questions I ask myself when I want to leave a comment on a post but find I’m at a loss for words: 

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Lane Beach Holden Opinion

                 Holden is a very likable character that I feel like I can relate to. He is very sporadic in his thinking and I find him humorous. His thought pattern is very random and extreme in most cases it perhaps is a very good example of what the teenage brain is like. While I do not agree with his lies I do find it to be somewhat understandable because of his hate for the world and the phony’s. He is a very thoughtful character that brings up many good points that are random but I believe there is truth to them. I think I would love to have a conversation with him he seems like the kind of person you could hate each other but still have a good conversation an enjoy it. He may be a bit of a lose nut but it is evident that under it all he is a very smart person that lacks motivation to do well.