Holden Voice

Want to know what kills me? Phonies kill me New York is so full of em it kills me that’s what. Went out to the bar had to keep my guts from spilling out cuz some phony plugged me. Meet up with that Sally and she was looking good told her I loved her I really don’t.  Kept having to go to the washroom to get my guts back in. I’m crazy I swear I am really. All these fancy business men out talking about what to do next with their wonderful lives just to go back and sit in a chair all day no life I tell you. I will move out of this city someday I tell you, go out to the country and find me a nice spot in the woods where I don’t have to talk to all these phonies. I will leave tonight actually get out of this crazy place I’ll say bye to old Phoebe she’s gold you would love her if you meet her. I was trying to save her money I really was I would return it tonight.


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